What's this? Another project? Yes! Naturally I started anew once more.

Spacetrader3k is a trading simulation game on Android. The player can create new contracts consisting of a ship, cargo and two planets where the ship will transport its cargo inbetween: loading, travelling, unloading, and over again. Every succesful transit will give you money to start new ship research and buy more contracts for more ships. As time (or actually cycles) passes, certain events will take place. Ships can get hijacked, damaged, stranded, adrift, raided, as well as boosted, attract investors, find treasures and unlock new travelsites.

I have put the focus on creating nifty looks on the technical side (in Java and making smart use of XML). The XML part of Android is still a bit confusing, but the Java side goes a lot better since my last project (see previous post) where I managed to screw up the project with a web of threads and heavy interfaces. I learned, and this game runs a lot more smooth now. The tough part ahead is implementing fun and challenging game mechanics, but it's also one of the most fun parts to do. So await a new update soon...

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