A little sideproject: Stalemate.
Stalemate is a turn based scifi space battle card game where you assume the role of admiral over several fleets, and battle against an opponent over the internet. A.I. is planned only when the game is entirely functional. I decided to start a simpler project that is quick to finish in concept, but even this relatively simple idea proves to be quite a lot of work. Nevertheless this is what I have achieved after about 20 hours.

There are five battle positions to station your ships in: sword fleet, flanks, support line, primary fallback and secondry backup.
You can switch fleet positions by drag and drop one fleet onto another. If you drop a fleet on an enemy fleet, it will attack that fleet if possible.
Fleets in short range are sword fleets and flanks, they can always battle eachother. The other positions are long range, and can only attack or be attacked by fleets that have the "long range" ability.
There are a number of other abilities, each giving a fleet an edge in combat. Some abilities negate others, like Jamming prevents hits from long range. Others boost shields or increase firepower.

Yet to do is actually attacking, victory screen and hiscores, intro screen, tutorial, lobby and start match with ship selection. Whew.

Meanwhile still working on Spacetrader3k, update about custom animations comming soon!

Oh yeah, credits where credits due:
Ship models by