The Plague 0.2

The Ludum Dare competition is over and the results have been published! I did not end up in any noticeable ranking list (not that I expected that), but it has been a great trip. I learned quite a lot from the contest regarding gamedesign and cutting out a lot of awesome features. But after the submission deadline I haven't been sitting still either. I collected all the feedback and made a version 0.2 of The Plague.

Download version 0.2 of The Plague here!


Feature list:

  • Bit of control for your minion hoards: by using CTRL around a claimable area you can position your current minion swarm to that area. Press CTRL on the claim-spot to recollect them.
  • New minions: skellies and shadow beasts.
  • New enemies: pest doctor, villagers (they are affraid of you) and wolves.
  • Disease stops spreading, a potential next version will contain ways of conquering the whole land by sacrificing minions to construct dark towers to expand your diseased realm.
  • Zoomed in about 50% so graphics are better visible on large resolution screens too.
  • Updated colours to match better (but colours are still a hard thing to properly balance for me).
  • More sprites and graphical details.

Have fun playing and I'd be honoured to receive some feedback from you!