The Plague

For the Ludum Dare competition #25, I created a game called The Plague.

Download link of The Plague (LD #25 entry) is here!

Ludum Dare is a gamedev competition event. In 48 hours you have to create a game, and every aspect of it (including code, music, sound and graphics). The event revolves around a theme chosen by the community. This time: "You are the villain". With that theme in mind I spent all saturday not creating any game. So, that saturday evening I sat down and started to code. Code line after line. Debugging and cursing. Redesigning, breaking my head, more swearing and more bad art. Now, sunday night, half an hour before the deadline, I finished. It took me about 12 hours, and here is the final result.

I hope you enjoy the little game, I had to cut out so much more awesome ideas, and had to do the less awesome ones to make it playable enough. There is no real ending, just try to convert the entire lands to that lovely stinking miasma full of rotten corpses and mindless minions.